EUROPAN 12 - arkitektkonkurrence for arkitekter under 40 år. Temaet for årets konkurrence er: Den tilpasningsdygtige by. Københavns Kommune deltager med en konkurrencegrund på Vesterbro, og Aalborg Kommune deltager med bydelen Vestbyen.

Jan Christiansen, formand for den nationale Europan-komité, fortæller her om baggrunden for Europan:


Immigration is setting Europe in a defensive mode, a state of mind that politically ranges from reluctance to paying lip service to universal solidarity. At the same time, we architects, and not only in Denmark, are busy again with questions of national identity and cultural legacy. Within academia and other architecture institutions, eyes are turning inwards to examine, for instance, all things "Nordic". There are seminars galore on Nordic urbanism, or for example, on the possibility of a Nordic high-rise.

Nathan Romero Muelas